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Hitting the links 12-20-2007

December 20, 2007

I do a bunch of (too much?)  cultural stuff on this here backwater of the blog-o-sphere.  Why stop now…

Here are two items that are related in how disturbing they are:

First, Mary Garber on points us to a website I will not link to… it is simply too ungodly.  The site is a government funded sex education podcast geared to teens and tweens:

But a series of videos for teens promoted through a teen pregnancy prevention program, G-CAPP (Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention), mocks the idea of abstinence.  The web page’s resources link (deleted by al)  encourages “youth” to “check out the Midwest Teen Sex Show—video podcasts about teen sexuality” that are intended to “provide sex information in a clear and entertaining way.”  The segment on “Abstinence” shows an actress playing the part of a girl beaten to the point of brain damage and slurring, “But I respect my body.” 

I did go online and check it out to see if what she said was true.  The  porno-like intro to the podcast is jarring when you consider the audience.  What will the next generation of children look like?  I’m skeered.  Read Mary’s article here.

Our second candidate for really disturbing link of the day comes with the UNICEF Photo of the Year for 2007…


From the story in the UK Metro

It shows Mohammed, 40, with his new 11-year-old wife, Ghulam. Taken by US photographer Stephanie Sinclair, it was named Unicef Photo of the Year yesterday.

I only hope the 11 year old had the opportunity to view the “entertaining” sex-ed video before here wedding night. 

The other thing I do a lot of is point you to Romans chapter 1.  Go read that again for a little perspective. 

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You Now Have Permission…

December 12, 2007

Worship Jesus.  They promise to not cut your head off

We don’t know how long this is good for so get your Christmas Shopping done early.

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80% ally?

December 4, 2007

My old friend Russell Moore, who is now the dean of the school of theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gave some salient commentary on the issue of abortion as it relates to presidential candidates. Check it out here.

If we join Pat Robertson and endorse the pro-abortion Guiliani (whom Moore calls an “80% ally”), asserting that our greatest foe is the Islamic jihadists and that national security is the key issue, then we are really saying that we want to preserve a nation under the curse of God for its bloodlust against our little image bearers in the womb without a voice. No. End the intrauterine holocaust so that there is something to preserve worth preserving.

Thank you, Dr. Moore.

Robert Spencer Interview

August 20, 2007

Just a quick note…  I will be interviewing Robert Spencer today at 4:00PM on 1330 WEBY (DV).  Robert has written a book titled Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t.  He is also blogging the Koran on   The most recent installment is “Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 4, “Women,” verses 1-16.”  Check it out.

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